Sophocles’ “Antigone”

In a modern English adaption by Ian Johnston

On May 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2015

Sophocles Antigone - poster by Thomas Michalski

Two brothers at war, killed by each other’s hand. A decree, granting the one full burial rites, and denying the other one any. Now, which are the most crucial, most fundamental laws humans have to obey? Is it faith, or loyalty?

Instead of alterning reign in Thebes, Eteocles and Polynices fought each other for the throne. Eteocles was not willing to resign his position as King of Thebes for the upcoming year and let Polynices reign, as they had decided on, so the latter attacked the city to obtain the throne by force. During the war that arose from their desires the two brothers engaged in single combat and struck each other down. When their uncle Creon ascended the throne, he decreed that Polynices was a traitor and thus was to be denied burial.

Now it is upon the sisters Antigone and Ismene to decide whether to follow the laws of the gods and bury their brother Polynices, or obeying Creon’s decree – even if it means their death.

Actor’s Nausea brings an over 2450 years old play* back to life and shows that human tragedy transcends time.

* Premiered c. 442 BC

Directed by

Elisabeth Raasch
Assistant to the Director: Natalia Petrova


Creon, King of Thebes – Nils Kuphal

Antigone, Daughter of Oedipus – Katharina Kröcker

Ismene, Antigone’s sister – Zoé Rehder

Eurydice, Creon’s wife – Natalia Petrova

Haemon, Creon’s son – David Lorch

Teiresia, an old, blind prophet – Christine Knorr

A guard – Eva Johanna Onkels

A messenger – Charis Luvangadio

Chorus Leader – René Glebke

A young Theban girl – Katharina Hirsch

A former soldier – Jens Wischnewsky

An old Theban woman – Natalia Petrova

Special appearance – Tim Claahsen


René Glebke, Elisabeth Raasch

Costumes, Make-up and Hair

Katharina Hirsch, Katharina Kröcker, Zoé Rehder and Cast


Tim Claahsen, René Glebke, Katharina Hirsch, Nils Kuphal, Natalia Petrova


Christine Knorr, David Lorch

Light, Sound and Effects

Matthias Schaffrath, Jens Wischnewsky
Lars Raasch

Public Relations

Charis Luvangadio, Eva Johanna Onkels

Posters and Programme

Thomas Michalski

Box Office, Bar and Stage Hands

Tobias Grosskreutz, Marie-Lyne Macel, Julian Steinbock

Sicere Thanks To

Everyone suporting us with dedication every day!