“Death on the Mississippi”

(An adaption of Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile”)

Spring 2014

Death on the Mississippi - by Thomas Michalski

1937, on a steamer cruising the Mississippi. Young millionairess Linnet Ridgeway and her husband Simon Doyle are on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, the ship’s passenger list is full of unpleasant surprises: there is imperious Mrs. Van Schuyler who would like nothing more than to lay her hands on Linnet’s jewels. Obnoxious Swiss physician Ludwig Bessner is furious that Linnet publicly spoke ill of his skills, and Linnet in turn has been suing eccentric novelist Salome Otterbourne for libel. To make everything worse, they are being stalked by Simon’s resentful ex-fiancé Jackie. If Jackie cannot have Simon, then sure as death no one is. There are more passengers, and most of them have good reason to detest the young couple.

Finally, there is a celebrity among the passengers: famous detective Hercule Poirot. Though she has only come to spend her holidays, she is soon forced to investigate into criminal misdoings. But is she prepared to deal with MURDER?