Eva Johanna Onkels

Eva Johanna Onkels

Real-life occupation:
PhD in Political Sciences (yes, you can study that at RWTH)

With us since:
Autumn 2014

Plays and roles: 
Dead White Males (Backstage)
Antigone (Guard)

Favorite quote: 
“… and I’d just like the occasional woman somewhere, sometime to realise that and say ‘thank you'” (Col, Dead White Males)
“– if what I have to say is nothing, I say it nonetheless!” (Guard, Antigone)

Favorite backstage snack:
Nougat bars, Elli’s cake

Actor’s Nausea in three words:
We rock it

The best part so far:
Realizing that you cannot speak on stage with your mouth full.

Greetings to:
My parents, my family, my friends… You know how that works…