René Glebke

René Glebke

Real-life occupation: Research Assistant (Computer Science)

With us since: November 2009

Plays and roles: 
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (extra), Metamorphoses (Midas’ servant, Poseidon’s servant, Narcissus, Philemon), Lysistrata (David / male chorus), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Charles Dodgson / Dodo, Gryphon), RWTH Science Night 2011: Death Actually (Mort), Death Actually (Julien Bossuet, Philemon), The Tempest (Stephano), RWTH Science Night 2012: English Through the Ages (Backstage), Robin Hood (Will Scarlock), Dead White Males (Col Judd)

Favorite backstage snack: A swig Coke before almost every step onstage

Actor’s Nausea in three words: Here it started

The hardest part so far: Answering this question

The best part so far: The trios in Tempest and Robyn

Funfact: Always re-uses at least one prop or costume part from a previous production