Christine Knorr

Real-life occupation:
Studies to become a teacher of English and French

With us since:

Plays and roles: 
Lysistrata (Backstage)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Assistant Director)
Death Actually (Backstage)
The Tempest (Alonsa)
RWTH Wissenschaftsnacht 2012: English Through the Ages (Mary Shelley / Guide)
Robin Hood (Backstage)
Death on the Mississippi (Louise Bourget)
Dead White Males (Monica Judd)
Antigone (Teiresia)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Cybel)
RWTH Wissenschaftsnacht 2016: Say Goodbye the English Way (Witch / Cigarette addict / Teacher)
A Tomb with a View (Assistant Director/Backstage)

Favorite Quotes:
„That’s why they are called ‘lessons’. Because they lessen from day to day!“ Gryphon, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
„Are you a black horse with white stripes, or a white horse with black stripes?“ Cybel, Jekyll & Hyde
“How do you spell ‘outrage‘? One ‘Y‘ or two?“ – “One, you illiterate!“ Lucien and Emily, A Tomb with a View

Favorite backstage snack:
sour drops (yellow and orange are the best!), chocolate marshmallows

Actor’s Nausea in three words:
dedication, fun, enthusiasm

The hardest part so far:
letting Alice grow in the end of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The best part so far:
the feeling of applause after the premiere of The Tempest and the stage, costumes and props of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

has regular “Coffee Battles” with Julia Fink. Charge!

Greetings to:
everyone. so I don’t miss anyone 🙂